A pro-life voice reports from inside the anti-family “UN Women” event (Guest: Mattea Merta, Campaign Life Coalition)


March 13th, 2019

29 mins 52 secs

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The single largest anti-family conference you have never heard about is taking place in New York this week.

It’s called the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women and the two week long gathering is hosted by the United Nations.

At the conference feminists, politicians, control freaks and bureaucrats meet to plot the next stage in global women’s advancement. But, they aren’t focused on real things, like getting women the franchise in Saudi Arabia or freedom from a compulsory hijab in Iran.

No, these do-gooders are focused on intersectional feminism, climate change and freeing women from the shackles of the patriarchy.

Patriarchy, by the way, is just progressive shorthand for “loving, stable familial relationships.”

I’ve been to this sort of crazy UN conference before, but never to this one, so I’m dying to know what kind of third-wave feminist madness is unfolding behind closed doors.

Fortunately, I found a pro-family conservative who’s at the conference to give us the inside scoop.

Joining me tonight from Campaign Life Coalition in an interview we recorded yesterday afternoon, is conservative, pro-life activist Mattea Merta.

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